Happy Birthday Philip! Kicked off the 2015 year with a traditional Korean doljabi event. It is a Korean tradition that celebrates a child’s 1st birthday. The child wears a traditional hanbok and bokgeon, and it’s a ceremony where they bless the child with a prosperous future. There is one iconic moment where the child selects a single toy/item from a set of items in from of him. The items symbolize what kind of future the child will have.  There were six items in Philip’s set and they symbolized being either a future doctor, athlete, entertainer, scholar, being financially sound, or living a long life. Philip started out a little slow, but decisively chose the ball item signifying being a successful athlete! Can’t wait to meet to meet the future Korean version of Jeremy Lin! I had a great time capturing this monumental moment in Philip’s life. What an amazing start to kickoff the next chapter for the Choi family, and please enjoy the beautiful memories of this precious moment.

Phillip's Doljabi-1 Phillip's Doljabi-4 Phillip's Doljabi-5 Phillip's Doljabi-6 Phillip's Doljabi-8 Phillip's Doljabi-9 Phillip's Doljabi-10 Phillip's Doljabi-11 Phillip's Doljabi-11b Phillip's Doljabi-12 Phillip's Doljabi-13 Phillip's Doljabi-14 Phillip's Doljabi-15 Phillip's Doljabi-17 Phillip's Doljabi-18 Phillip's Doljabi-21 Phillip's Doljabi-27 Phillip's Doljabi-31 Phillip's Doljabi-32 Phillip's Doljabi-33 Phillip's Doljabi-40 Phillip's Doljabi-45 Phillip's Doljabi-47 Phillip's Doljabi-49 Phillip's Doljabi-52 Phillip's Doljabi-53 Phillip's Doljabi-55 Phillip's Doljabi-56 Phillip's Doljabi-59 Phillip's Doljabi-63 Phillip's Doljabi-66 Phillip's Doljabi-68 Phillip's Doljabi-69 Phillip's Doljabi-73 Phillip's Doljabi-76 Phillip's Doljabi-78 Phillip's Doljabi-79 Phillip's Doljabi-80 Phillip's Doljabi-84 Phillip's Doljabi-88 Phillip's Doljabi-89 Phillip's Doljabi-99 Phillip's Doljabi-102 Phillip's Doljabi-113