Long overdue – Cindy & Peter have been long time good friends of mine. It was without a doubt, I was going to be there for them to capture this precious milestone in their relationship. Even after years of being together, you can feel their infectious synergy and connection they have with one another. Congrats Cindy and Peter and I am so excited for the next stage of their lives!

Hi World! The name’s Everett. I’m new here. : )

It came together – full circle – when Nikhil and I got together to work on his surprise proposal. Carl Shultz Park is where Nikhil and Astha had their first date and it only made sense for Nikhil to start the next chapter of their lives together from this point.

If I had to sum it up – steady and confident. Nikhil didn’t waver, he followed his plan to the T and gave his now fiance a memory she’ll never forget. I always love the pure emotions that come out during these moments and I could not be any happier. There were so many adorable memory re-creations and one could only smile watching these two. Congratulations Astha and Nikhil and I can already tell based off of the proposal, your bond with each other is going to be steady and strong for many years to come.

If I had to sum up Brian’s proposal in a word, that word would have to be – commitment. The amount of planning and preparation Brian went through to execute this proposal was no small feat.

Once Brian initially reached out to me, we began to brainstorm many ideas. We finally decided on the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. It was peak Autumn season in Central Park when they were visiting, so it was a great to see him decide to go for it. I want to add that this was their 1st time visiting NYC and while he had no prior experience navigating through the city, he also had to coordinate and pinpoint where the exact spot was in Central Park! I was taken back by his ambition, determination and will power. It’s just like the famous expression where they say – “go big or go home” – and I had front row seats to witness and capture that story. : )

Congratulations Brian and Isabel! I couldn’t be happier for these Southern Sweethearts and I’m excited for the next chapter of your lives! Enjoy and re-live their story through the story below.

There’s just two words to describe these two : simply adorable. It’s such a wonderful thing to witness when you find two people who’s chemistry are so in sync. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jonathan and Victoria. I know this might sound a little cliche, but they really do seem like a match made in heaven.

When I was getting to know their story and documenting them during this shoot, their love for one another was just oozing from everywhere. The love they have for one another is just outrageously infectious. It’s just like that expression that goes – “You can feel the love in the air” and very naturally feel outright happiness and bliss for them. Whatever challenges or hurdles these two may face in life, I am very confident to say, they can overcome them with little to no problems. Best of luck to you two on the west coast, I am very sad and happy at the same time to see you guys go and take on this next chapter of your lives.

I love getting together with creatives to collaborate! It’s a great time to practice, try out new techniques, and inspire one another as well as to push our limits.  The final result is usually something absolutely amazing. : )

I had a chance to get together with the most talented makeup artist Ada and the beautiful model Christine to collaborate on a fun photoshoot at FD Studios. It was an absolute pleasure working with these two and we had a lot of fun and laughter. Check out the results from our collaboration below and please check out more of our work at the instagram social medias’ linked below.

Makeup Artist: Ada (@ada1127_NYC)
Model and Hair: Christine (@christine.chang11)
Photographer: Jimmy (@JimmyChanPhotography)

There’s something to be said about a person when he’s able to go through so many layers of planning to deliver a surprise proposal. Especially if one decides to involve close friends and family to be in on the secret and play a part in the surprise. It’s not easy and many can crack under the pressure or slip up. Spencer had a checklist of items to consider and plan for, but his determination to catch Rachel off guard resulted in him being able to deliver a sincere and heartfelt proposal. Check out their beautiful proposal story from the pictures below : ).


When Jagmit and I were brainstorming his destination surprise proposal, he knew the general idea of what he was aiming for: A New York City skyline proposal. Rain or shine, he was determined for that perfect scenario of how he wanted to bend on one knee and ask the woman of his life to spend the rest their lives hand in hand.

Mother Nature had other plans and decided to challenge Jagmit’s dedication and commitment. Despite the cold and the both of them getting soaked – Jagmit was able to tune out Mother Nature and give one of the most touching and heartfelt proposals I’ve witnessed. It was a cakewalk for him and he executed everything he had planned. It was like a sequel to the movie “The Notebook and for the 10 minutes he was proposing, the rain got harder and created a beautiful symphony to add to their moment. It was like the dramatic climax to the movie and immediately after the proposal scene was over, the rain immediately let up. : ) Congratulations Jagmit and Sara! This was one memorable proposal you’ll never forget and be able to clearly re-live over and over in your hearts!

From the moment I met Johnny, I immediately knew he was a person with the upmost level of etiquette, a person with a great sense of priorities, a genuine person with a giving heart, a class act all the way. Meeting Yoshi was no different. It was to no surprise that these two get along so well, surround themselves with amazing friends, and have a tight knit relationship with their family. They truly are the ideal example of not only how one should live one’s life, but how to live it to the fullest. It was truly a great honor to have been able to capture these precious wedding memories, as well as witness such love between family and friends. The entire day went so smoothly and was a great kickstart and foreshadowing of things to come! Congratulations Johnny and Yoshi. I am thankful to have crossed paths with you both and have now become good friends. Welcome to the married life 🙂