There’s just two words to describe these two : simply adorable. It’s such a wonderful thing to witness when you find two people who’s chemistry are so in sync. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jonathan and Victoria. I know this might sound a little cliche, but they really do seem like a match made in heaven.

When I was getting to know their story and documenting them during this shoot, their love for one another was just oozing from everywhere. The love they have for one another is just outrageously infectious. It’s just like that expression that goes – “You can feel the love in the air” and very naturally feel outright happiness and bliss for them. Whatever challenges or hurdles these two may face in life, I am very confident to say, they can overcome them with little to no problems. Best of luck to you two on the west coast, I am very sad and happy at the same time to see you guys go and take on this next chapter of your lives.