When Jagmit and I were brainstorming his destination surprise proposal, he knew the general idea of what he was aiming for: A New York City skyline proposal. Rain or shine, he was determined for that perfect scenario of how he wanted to bend on one knee and ask the woman of his life to spend the rest their lives hand in hand.

Mother Nature had other plans and decided to challenge Jagmit’s dedication and commitment. Despite the cold and the both of them getting soaked – Jagmit was able to tune out Mother Nature and give one of the most touching and heartfelt proposals I’ve witnessed. It was a cakewalk for him and he executed everything he had planned. It was like a sequel to the movie “The Notebook and for the 10 minutes he was proposing, the rain got harder and created a beautiful symphony to add to their moment. It was like the dramatic climax to the movie and immediately after the proposal scene was over, the rain immediately let up. : ) Congratulations Jagmit and Sara! This was one memorable proposal you’ll never forget and be able to clearly re-live over and over in your hearts!