There are moments to a wedding where it feels like it’s lasted forever. There are also moments where it feels like it just ended in a flash. Weddings are jam packed with schedule, numerous events and as many know, can be very exhausting. There is family flying in from all over, friends you haven’t seen in a long time and many hired vendors trying to execute the perfect day.  In the center of this whirlwind is a bride and groom who are just trying to navigate their way through it all.

Chandler and Rachel navigated their day in such a manner it seemed effortless and as united as any two people could be. They handled all the nerves, the unexpected, the family and friends, the weather, as if they were all simple chores to be checked off a daily to-do list. I had a great honor and pleasure of capturing their story. They had a beautiful synergetic energy and flow that you could only feel if you were present. In the matrix of photos below you can follow and experience firsthand their dynamic and heartfelt memories from their special day!